The ***Official*** 2023 Fourth of July Cookout Recipe Guide

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, Texans will no doubt be celebrating America’s independence with food, friends, family and fireworks. If you’re still putting together the menu for your get together or you don’t want to show up empty handed to the party and need inspo for a side to bring you have come to the right place. One of the best parts of the firewood business is getting to go into pit rooms, talking to pit masters, and meeting backyard grill connoisuers. We’ve put together a few recipes from some of Texas’ most well-known purveyors in hopes you’ll find some inspiration to WOW friends and family.

Truth BBQ Brisket

If you're firing up the smoker and need to feed a large group be prepared to be the star of the show. The legends at Meat Church teamed up Houston-Heights local Truth BBQ who was named Texas Monthly Top-50 BBQ's No. 3 BBQ venue in 2021 to discuss all things brisket and what makes a great one. Check out the video and article chronicling Leo Botello IV walking us through how to make a brisket that would make any Texas proud.

Goldees BBQ Beef Ribs

Werner Firewood Post Oak Smoked Beef Ribs Goldees

The folks at Goldees in Fort Worth burst onto the Texas BBQ scene in February of 2020 and if opening a restaurant wasn't hard enough, immediately faced the C19 pandemic. That hasn't stopped them from catapulting to the top of the TM Top-50 list and securing their name as a "must try" destination. While nothing will be able to top the experience of visiting them in person, the folks over at did their best to match the recipe they believe Goldees uses. Yes - we do often hear beef ribs are an intimidating cook - but in truth they're not too complicated at all. We figure if we're going to try beef ribs, why not try to mimic the best? 

Meat Church Dr. Pepper Chicken 

Werner Firewood Dr Pepper Chicken from Meat Church

Who doesn't love yard bird? Who doesn't love Dr. Pepper? Why not put them together? We found this Dr. Pepper Chicken recipe from Meat Church during the Spring and have fallen in love with this easy to make conversation starting main course. 

Killeen's BBQ Brisket Loaded Mac & Cheese 

Werner Firewood + Killeen's BBQ Brisket Loaded Mac & Cheese

Admittedly, this isn't the lightest option. But WOW is it decadent, and while you can modify this with your own brisket (or sausage) and choice of macaroni, having it at Texas Monthly Top-50 permanent fixture Killeen's BBQ is simply a treat. If you're ready to put the kids to sleep - check out this recipe we found at good  

Hurtado BBQ Texas Twinkies

 We love, love, love all kinds of 'Texas Twinkies' but Texas Monthly Top-50 fan favorite Hurtado BBQ in Dallas might have some of the best in the Lone Star State. While these do require a bit of prep (yes, you can cheat and buy pre-made versions at HEB), you can cook them on a variety of cooking apparatuses and still yield a handheld bombshell of goodness. Check out the receipt we found on pit


When the #2 BBQ spot in Texas posts their beef short rib + chimi recipe we are legally bound to update this post. Check out John Bates' Interstellar BBQ's version of the beef rib on YouTube - WOW WOW WOW

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